I’m so annoyed. If an artist has deleted their pixiv account and you know about it, how on earth would it be acceptable to keep reposting their work all over the net? Never mind the fact you don’t have their permission in the first place to repost their art. Honestly, could you get any more disrespectful? I didn’t want to be the jerk here and tried just ignoring it because i wasn’t supporting them directly, but I’m going to unfollow everyone who reblogs from and supports alternative pokemon art. this is just beyond me.

Preach it.

Just because I stopped posting about it, doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a problem anymore. I block all blogs that post art without having permission first. I don’t even bother unblocking these blogs. 

I have heard so many bad excuses like “It takes so much effort” and “Artists don’t always respond”.

Posting art that isn’t yours is bad. REALLY BAD. Can get the original artist into trouble bad.

Don’t do it nor support it. 

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I’m so disgusted that there’s actually someone who would be as low as to blackmail someone to get a fucking shiny Pokemon.

I just can’t get my head around the idea that someone is so desperate and pathetic that they’d go out of their way, to emotionally abuse someone in such a way, JUST FOR A FUCKING POKEMON.

This is the kind of person I would punch right in the face if I met them in person.

Celebi, voice of the forest

-wakes up-



-returns to sleep-


I am very bad at finishing anything. Full view here.


I am very bad at finishing anything. Full view here.

They have to stop doing this to me.

They have to stop doing this to me.